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About Cherwell Crime Partnership and Pubwatch

Cherwell Crime Partnership (CCP) is one of a number of Business Crime Reduction Partnerships working across the UK to reduce and deter crime and anti-social behaviour in town centres and shopping areas.

CCP provides a strong information network to support its members in both the day and evening economies of Banbury and Bicester.

CCP and Pubwatch began in 2001 as the Banbury Crime Partnership. It was part of the Home Office Safer Shopping/Socialising Programme and the scheme was quickly recognised locally as being highly successful in reducing the negative impact of crime and anti-social behaviour in the town.

It was decided in 2009 to expand the scheme to include Bicester under the broader title of ‘Cherwell Crime Partnership.’ It includes four schemes – CCP Banbury and CCP Bicester and Pubwatch Banbury and Pubwatch Bicester/Kidlington.

The schemes are managed by strong committees made up of members who are the decision-makers regarding exclusions and warnings. Another part of their role is visionary – making decisions for the future and taking the long term view of how they can maintain sustainability.

As ‘not for profit’ organisations they ensure all income is used to the best advantage of the members.

Assisting the committees is a dedicated team of three co-ordinators who carry out all necessary administration to ensure a consistency of approach in a productive, effective, and legally compliant format.

Businesses can access the secure DISC database via the ‘app’ or ‘website.’ to view up-to-date information, alerts, minutes of meetings and images of offenders.

Businesses can also use DISC to submit reports which are reviewed and actioned quickly. The DISC app provides easy one-step access to data via mobile devices enabling quick action to prevent and report crime.

A recent introduction means day economy members can escalate an incident report for shoplifting to a police crime report – saving much needed time for members who previously had to submit the crime report via the Police 101 number.

The four committees meet regularly to discuss the priorities of the schemes, how to serve members, and to review sustainability. They also progress incident reports submitted by members and make decisions on warning letters or bans.

Each town has access to a radio network, utilising the Storenet/Nitenet radio systems provided by M.R.S. Communications in Cardiff. Members can easily and quickly share information in real time. The local policing teams, town councils and CCTV operators have access to the radio system and provide support and assistance when possible.  Please see our annual report for further information.


CCP is proud to have strong partner relationships. This goes hand in hand with networking and information sharing.

Working closely with the local policing teams, security teams, National Association of Business Crime Partnerships (NABCP), system operators such as DISC, our sponsors and radio providers ensures the reduction of crime and disorder across the Cherwell Valley.

We are especially proud of our connection with the town councils in Banbury and Bicester who sponsor the schemes and take an active part in promoting and supporting our work.  

As an accredited organisation, CPP is confident that it meets all obligations regarding Data Protection and GDPR legislation, attaining the relevant certification every two years.

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